Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Introduction To iOS Development And Simple Steps For your First iOS App

Now a days iphone and Android are so much common and everyone wants his/her smartphone to be either having Ios or Android os. But Developers tend to choose iOS Over Android. But now these iphone or Android smartphones are not enough for our generation, we want everyday a new feature, a new game and for that many of us think to make our own app or game. And I am quit sure everyone has desire to make games, so this is the right place where you fall.

Introduction To iOS Development And Simple Steps For your First iOS App

I am gonna give you every easy and basic tips to help you out.So the first step or first thing you need is MAC and then second important thing is Xcode. If you have these two, BINGO.. You can be an iOS developer. Although it is not necessary to make your game or app in Xcode, there are several other platform like for 2D games you can use Corona SDK , torque 2D , box2D. Games like angry bird , joyride jetpack can easily be made on these 2D platform. If you like more challenging work and more fantastic thing, go for 3D gaming platform like Unity , UDK etc. So guys get ready to make your own apps and games.

Here come the first tutorial on apps for IOS. First and foremost thing for a developer is coding , you should have good knowledge of basics. I am here going for corona SDK to develop iOS games and Lua is the language to write code in that. But if you don't know about lua don't worry, we are here for you.The benefit corona is that you can have it in your own windows laptop because Corona gives you a common platform to write IOS as well as Android apps.

So to get started you need Corona SDK and any other editor.And for MAC users BBedit and Text Wrangler are best. Corona provide you so many in built APIs. You just need to go through once and then you can easily catch up what is best for you. Here is the link for corona APIs.

Steps To Develop Your iOS Apps :

1. Create a folder ,in that you will store your all files and images.

2. First file that corona SDK will execute is always main.lua file. From main.lua you can go to any of the file with the help of two methods:
a.)You can use director class.
b.)You can use storyboard APIs.My personal choice is storyboard way because I felt it more systematic.

3. For every screen, one file is used.
now you know how it flow but its the time to know what you gonna show.
a.)To display image following syntax is used:
local background = display.newImage("a.png");
background.x = 0;
background.y = 0;

This line of code will display a new image to your screen and store it in local variable called background. Remember to put "local" before the name of variable otherwise it will become global and consume memory.

 NOTE:put a.png in same folder that you created in step 1.

b.)To display text
local myText = display.newText("Hello World!!", 50 , 50 , native.systemfont, 24)

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