Sunday, November 4, 2012

Android vs iOS Development - Why App Developers Choose iOS Over Android

The number of Smartphone users around the world is increasing at a rapid pace and in the coming years the numbers are expected to rise at a rocket pace.Among all the smartphone makers its Android vs iOS world. Since the Battleground is between the two giants that are having the larger part of market share and will continue to do so because of their popularity and no doubt because of quality and range of features Apple iOS and Android OS provides to the user.
Why Developers Choose Apple iOS over Android
Just because of rise in smartphone users there is an equal increase in the number of apps and app developers for both the platforms. The app Store and Google play store are having almost the same numbers of apps  i.e around 700k approximately. Yes developers today have many mobile platforms to choose from but they would most probably select one of the promising OS today i.e Android or Apple.

The main reasons why developers choose iOS over Android are:

1. Developers find more profit in developing an iOS app than in Android app.

2.iOS apps takes less time and money as compared to Android.

3. Indeed Google Play Store is filled with apps but the question is of quality , apps in iOS App Store have much more higher quality than of google play store.

4. Apple iOS users have higher rate of buying a new app .

5.Yes , Android is in trend today and rising at a rocket pace but still there is a fragmentation issue , Top android smartphones share only a small fragment of market share ,Moreover there are many android version running simultaneously on various android devices.

Developers are choosing iOS over Android because of the above reasons, Android has given a strong competition to Apple iOS in a very short span , Android has hit hard Nokia , blackberry and other competitors in the market and has made a good reputation , because of open source platform Android has the potentials to beat Apple iOS in every field. Some of the android features are superb and can be integrated in Apple iOS but still Developers are more interested in developing an app for apple ios first than for android os.These are the 5 main reasons why developers are choosing ios over android ,if you find something more valuable in support or against to the above opinion please don't forget to post it as a comment.

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  1. The fight between Apple's iOS and Google Android for mobile-operating-system popularity has raged for some time, and neither side reveals any symptoms and symptoms of completely taking into the cause.

  2. The fight might never end as the technology improves , innovation are bound to happen and so as the patent issues , Anyhow it is good for consumers they have a better product.


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