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Has Internet Explorer Become a Tool to Download Google Chrome Or Mozilla FireFox?

Has Internet Explorer Become a Tool to Download Google Chrome Or Mozilla FireFox ?

Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft. Internet explorer is included as a part of Microsoft windows. Internet Explorer for Mac was Microsoft's free web browser designed to run on Mac computers also referred to as Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition, but since the release of Safari, the Mac version is no longer developed.
Has Internet Explorer Become a Tool to Download Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox ?
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Google Chrome 2012 : Most Used Browser in the World :

Internet Explorer was one of the most widely used web browsers - Mainly because it comes inbuilt in the windows as a default browser , But now chrome has just passed Internet Explorer to become the most used browser in the world , As per Stat Counter graph shows Internet Explorer is stepping down while Google Chrome has shown excellent growth.

Google Chrome becomes Most Used Browser In The World

TechFlashed user's also use the world's famous browser i.e  Google Chrome followed by Mozilla FireFox, I have to say our Reader's have a good choice.

Internet Explorer A Modern Browser ?

IE 9 is much more modern than IE8 , IE is evolving in right direction but still it cannot be called a modern web browser as it lags behind in many important areas.Internet Explorer has been holding down developers in creating awesome design which can really make the web more beautiful.

Why Internet Explorer has Become So Unpopular ?

 As the graph shows IE was the most used browser of the world but as the time passed and competitors such as Google Chrome And Mozilla FireFox evolved ,Internet users all around the world migrated from Internet Explorer to Google chrome which shows Internet Explorer was not their favorite browser but the users were not having another choice but to stick with Internet Explorer. When Internet users were given a chance to use Google Chrome (Most used browser on the Internet ) , within no time Chrome become their favorite browser as Google Chrome is loaded with awesome features.Lets See Some Disadvantages Of Internet Explorer.

Why One Should Not Use Internet Explorer :

Lets See Some Disadvantages Of Internet Explorer and Advantages Of Chrome: 

1.Speed : Internet Explorer is the most slowest browser against its rivals Chrome, FireFox or Opera. FireFox is Two times faster than Internet Explorer Whereas Google Chrome is about 1.5 times faster than Internet Explorer.Factors that includes in speed test are Starting up the web browser ,Opening a New Tab , URL loading, Session Restore etc. Speed is the most important feature in every aspect of technology.

2.Security :Security is the most sensitive area of the browser . Some people argue that Internet Explorer is no less secure than competing Windows browsers, but is just targeted more as it comes integrated part of windows and is available on most of the system. Others argue that this is not true. In-fact Google Chrome is the most secure Browser.Google chrome notifies about an Malware in a Website Whereas Internet Explorer Fails to do so .

3.HTML 5 Compatibility : The Future of web HTML5 - Internet Explorer ranks very low in HTML 5 compatibility test whereas Chrome stands second on the list as per HTML5Test .
HTML5 : Chrome Is more compatible than Internet Explorer

The tool that promises to launch the next era of websites, Smartphone apps is not compatible to Internet Explorer whereas chromes stands very good.

4.Crash : Google chrome uses multiple processes i.e. very similar to an operating system, so if a java web app would slow down the browser or something would cause a crash, only a single tab is effected and everything else keeps working. Whereas Internet Explorer crashes very frequently while using multiple tabs.

5.The Apps :Google offers Chrome Web Store, A place where chrome users can find different applications to expand the usability of their browser and opportunity to get organised. The store is filled with useful applications that make using Chrome a bit more enjoyable.All that combines to make Chrome a more appealing browser than Internet Explorer.

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6. Browser Update : Internet Explorer can be updated with the windows automatic update feature if enabled , whereas Google Chrome , Mozilla FireFox can be updated directly from the browser or they will provide you a notification to update and without any restart required .

7.Internet Explorer Headache for Designers/Developers : Internet Explorer has made the task for designers so difficult because of its incompatibility in many areas , we have discussed about how incapable IE is in HTML5 Compatibility test,next comes CSS3 Transitions (for animations),CSS3 Text Shadow,CSS3 Gradients,CSS3 Border Image,CSS3 Flex box model,Application Cache (offline),Web Workers (threads in JavaScript),HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors),JavaScript Strict Mode,ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG),SMIL Animations (SVG animations),File API,WebGL (3D)
,ClassList APIs,FormData,HTML5 History API,Drag'n Drop from Desktop.

8.No Support For Windows XP :Unlike IE9 , Google chrome and many other browsers can be installed on Windows XP.Still windows XP has approximately 40% market share.

9. Translation In Browser : Google Chrome does not require any extension to translate the page as google translation feature comes built in whereas Internet Explorer fails to give such feature.

10.Browser Hijack :Internet explorer is vulnerable to browser hijacks on the other side Chrome always stand strict against such activities and is less vulnerable in comparison to IE9 .Chrome has also announced no more silent extension installs adding an extra security layer to the browser.

11.Other Features : Chrome stands tall in features such as Themes- one can customize the browser with million of themes available.The next awesome feature is Omnibox -You can use the Omnibox for searching in chrome as well as typing web address.

Google Is Smart :  Google is very smart in getting back their users even if a user installs a new window by navigating him to Google chrome download page via Google Search home page.Google uses is Search Engine Home page very smartly.That's Why it can be said Internet Explorer has Become a Tool to Download Google Chrome Or Mozilla FireFox as none of us is satisfied with the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome Is the Best Browser
Google has tried their level best to make sure that chrome gives the best browsing experience to its users.

Google Chrome The Best Browser for 2013 :

We all know Chrome is the best browser for 2012 and it can be predicted easily that Chrome will be the best browser for 2013 because  of the above mentioned reason moreover chrome has a loyal users.

Conclusion : There are countless reasons to migrate from IE to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox if you are an Internet Explorer user.You can easily use Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Even if you want to stay with IE - please make sure you have an upgraded version as IE doesn't give any Update Notification. TechFlashed Recommends Google Chrome to enjoy the Web, as it is the best browser and support almost everything.Google Chrome will let you Enjoy everything On web. If you find any other disadvantage/advantage in Internet Explorer feel free to post a comment .

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  1. love chrome because it is fast and interface is awesome !! no one can compete with chrome !!

  2. @183b38ee42942f11e808c9a3167859f1:disqus Exactly chrome will be the number one browser in 2013 also as it is updated frequently with some awesome features .

  3. That was a very insightful article. As the title explains,
    most of Windows users now use IE just for downloading Chrome or Firefox. However,
    now the situation is going to change with IE10. It’s fast and more secure....

  4. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope IE 10 comes up with something valuable , as in the past IE has come up with very few updates but is evolving in right deirection and all those updates didn't help actually.

  5. Yeah Chrome is the Best Browser in all areas .

  6. Did someone pay you to write this article for Google? Kinda stating the obvious here, even though I prefer Firefox.

  7. Firefox is not good, its helps hackers to attack and in identity theft too. last week someone able to login my Wordpress site and cPanel account too, just coz i saved my passwords in Firefox. thats why I only prefer Google chrome as it is more secure.

  8. Pretty sure you messed up otherwise. Also, why are you saving your cPanel password to a browser? That's carelessness given how important server credentials are. I still prefer Firefox (I use Pale Moon, a customized version of Firefox). It's more stable than Chrome especially because I leave it running for weeks at a time. Chrome tends to get resource heavy and sluggish pretty quickly for me and I don't even use plugins.

  9. its an opinion., and i knw you also agree with that as you haven't come up with some advantage of IE .

  10. .I respect your thoughts but its an opinion., and i know you also agree with that as you haven't come up with some advantage of IE

  11. @facebook-1411876132:disqus Yeah Chrome is bit more secure than Mozilla Firefox . Chrome is totally against browser hijacking as chrome has announce no more silent extension install in chrome 25 . That's a very good news

  12. but sometimes Chrome can not display some elements of a website, so still need IE

  13. can you give some example please? I would like to see that .

  14. hhmm, let see like this from this web dropdown menu under "kata pencarian" doesn't work. Or just my chrome? work in Firefox and IE

  15. @devilpenakut:disqus : they are working fine , may be you are using too older version of chrome .

  16. I use 23.0.1271.97 m, too old? Or it disadvantage from chrome browser?

  17. Its working fine , there must be some issues on your side.

  18. i dont know, either i use windows or mac that issues still there

  19. Google Chrome seamless integration with Android and Google account.

  20. Yes, you were correct with the post! IE always says to download google chrome. i feel this the only microsoft applications that totally has become less used around the globe.


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