Saturday, January 26, 2013

How To Activate Graph Search On FaceBook

Recently Facebook introduced Facebook Graph Search .Facebook Graph search is a new way to navigate your connections and make them more useful. Facebook called it Graph Search, and it has gone live to many users all around the world. Those who Don't have Facebook Graph Search but want it , Just Follow Some simple steps and Activate it .

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Steps To Activate Facebook Graph Search :

1. Just Login in to Your Facebook Account .

2.Search for " Facebook Graph Search " in the search Bar. And Select Sign Up now OR
Directly click on this link Facebook Graph Search Sign Up.

3.After reaching the Sign Up Page just click on Join Waiting List 

After this you will be shown a Thanks Message just like the screenshot message and you are done . You can close this message.

After a few days you will get a message, You are off the waiting list and ready to start using Facebook Graph Search.That's it , now just click on "Turn On Graph Search" .

How To Activate Graph Search On FaceBook

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  1. my "join waiting list" button is not green its gray


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