Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Hidden Powers Of Mouse You Must Know

You must be well aware of the fact that Mouse is a pointing device. Yes,indeed it is.But there are many useful things which one can do with mouse. As you use your mouse daily even then there may be a chance you are not aware of  full functions of your mouse.In this article we will let you know the hidden tricks of Mouse or you can say some hidden features of Mouse which i guess will be new to the most of the people reading this article.

Hidden Powers Of Your Mouse

Hidden Powers Of Mouse You Must Know

1.Double Click : Double clicking on the word highlights the word ,you can also hold the left button of your mouse and scroll over the word to select it but double click on the mouse is much easier and time saving. 

2.Triple Click : Triple click in any paragraph will highlight a whole paragraph  for you.This is a very simple way to highlight the large paragraphs.

3.Scroll Sideways : Your mouse wheel cant only be used for scrolling down  as it can also scroll down sideways by simply holding up the shift key and scrolling up and down.

4.Scroll Zoom : By scrolling up and down while holding a ctrl key will zoom the page you are viewing,scroll back to zoom out and scroll up to zoom in.

5.Scroll Backward : In some browsers you can use a scroll wheel as a back button to shift to tabs you visited previously by  holding shift key and scrolling the wheel down.But i will suggest you to use the button given in the browsers as it will save time as compare to this trick.

6.Open In New Tab : To open any link in a new tab just click on the link with middle mouse button.It will save a lot of time as there will be no need to goto the option after clicking the right mouse button. 

7.Maximize Window : To maximize any window you can drag the title bar of that window to the top.

8.Maximize a Certain Window : If you have many windows open at the same time and you want to see only one maximized window then select the title bar of that widow and simply shakes it with your mouse.It will get maximized in no time.

9.Two Windows Side By Side : To open the two windows side by side on the screen drag one window to the left side and another to the right side.Then both the windows will open in equal size.

10.Auto Scroll : This trick is very useful where we want to read the large documents and we don't want to scroll down again and again with mouse wheel or up and down keys.To auto scroll the page just click the middle mouse button on the page and just drag the mouse little downward.The speed of the scroll depends upon the speed by which you will drag the mouse downwards.

These are some Mouse Tips every computer user must know as this will save lots of time and also make your work really quick.

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  1. shaking window for maximizing !! :) coool

  2. Didn'tthink this was going to be that helpful (yet it was). Thanks for the tips.


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