Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

There are many uses for URL shortening. URL can be very long may be of 100 characters long or may contain complex character patterns,such URL's are difficult to share with anybody or on Social networking sites where we have to use limited number characters per session like twitter for example.Using a URL shortener we can share long URL in instant messaging services as we have to use only limited number of characters there too.

URL shortening may be used by the spammers or for illegal Internet activities.To keep you spam free we have a list of 5 trusted URL shortener service providers.


1. Bitly : Bitley is currently a official default URL shorten service provider for Twitter from may 2009.Bitley also have a bookmarking feature called as Bitmarks.

5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

2. : Google has a very impressive service of URL shortening In which we can also know about the clicks we have got on our shorten URL and there are filters we can use to make calculations of the no of the clicks in various time intervals.
5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

3. Tinyurl : Tinyurl is a very famous service provider of shorten URL's as it was a default service provider to Twitter before Bitley.Tinyurl also provides browser toolbar.
5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

4. Chrome Extension : Users who have a chrome installed on their operating systems can easily convert long URLs to short ones.
5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

5. : is simplest URL shortener service provider.You don't have to sign up or anything just visit the website and start converting big URLs to short ones.
5 Ways To Shorten a URL For Free

These are the 5 best ways to shorten a long URL . As per me is the best as it provide easy to use interface.

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