Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound

Facebook is in the phase of updation, By Updation we mean is Facebook is bringing some changes like Facebook new Facebook feeds are being rolled just prior to that was Facebook graph search which was in the news..

Along with this there is a new feature can be called as "Notification sound of Facebook". By default this feature will be turned on your Facebook account , fortunately there is provision to disable this annoying sound.

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How to Get Rid Of Facebook Notification Sound : 

1. Click on Notification icon and click on settings .
How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound
Disable Facebook Notification Sound

2. Uncheck the check box to disable Facebook notification sound.And click on save changes.

How to Disable Facebook Notification Sound
Disable facebook Notification sound

its very simple to disable Facebook notification sounds. This sound is very similar to Facebook chat sounds and it do causes a confusion and some time its too distracting . However you can disable it if you want .

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