Clash Of Clan Trick – Fast Deployment Of Troops

dragging touch

A long ago it was easier for us to deploy our troops when enemy was not that strong and our troops can easily overcome the enemy base. There was no such situation or technique that how we have to deploy our troops in a line or one by one but now when we are in TH 10 it becomes difficult for us to deploy so many troops in an instant time and if we deploy them one by one that wont give us the desired results . So for that we need some technique that will help us getting desired results.

single deploySINGLE TOUCH :
The easiest way of deploying the troops is by just pressing your finger on screen and putting out the troops in a single line and hence the deployment of troops makes a long row and they become easy target for defensive structures or just a giant bombs will finish most of your army. You definitely want to avoid such kind of situations but as well want your troops to enter the village as quickly as possible , I personally recommend you to avoid  sending your troops the way its shown in the picture.

multiple touchMULTIPLE TOUCH:
For now a days playing games has become easy ever since you realized that you guys are using multi-touch device. That means your device can handle multiple touch at same point of time, using the one finger for a long time might get your game to go on sleep mode for that you can use multiple touch for deployment of troops that can be 3 fingers on 3 spots  as show in the picture . you can simply hold your fingers on screen. This will reduce your time to 1/3rd of deployment time of your troops ,simply try this technique in the single player mode so as to become an expert.

dragging touchDRAGGING TOUCH :
This is the third technique that these days is becoming popular for balloons attacks. That is the dragging touch in this technique you can deploy your troops especially balloons  from one side of the game corner  but not from the single point , if you send your balloons from single point they might get out just with few air bombs traps to overcome that type of traps these days we are using the dragging touch technique for deployment of troops as shown in picture.

Hope you try any of the technique and that will help you for better results. Do leave a comment guys for any further query . share post if you like it

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