The E-Commerce Revolution: The Role Of Augmented Reality


Do you know the latest news from Mr. Google? The largest search engine (which we know is not just this!) Has decided to introduce a series of tools for e-commerce in order to increase users’ interest in online shopping. Let’s see in detail what it is!

New Integrations With E-Commerce

The first innovation from Google is to have announced a new integration with the giant of the e-commerce sector: Shopify. In this way, all Shopify-based e-commerce stores will be able to simplify the process of connecting to Google Shopping . This simplified procedure will then be extended to other players such as WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Square. This will make it much easier to bring your e-commerce products and online casinos to places like Google search, Maps and YouTube.

Augmented Reality And Adv

In addition to this novelty, Google’s goal is to broaden its knowledge and impact in using AR for articles and promotions. According to Google itself: “We have launched an AR (augmented reality) makeup kit trial experience for lipstick and eyeshadow and soon consumers will be able to find a perfectly matched foundation, from brands like L’Oreal and Estee. Lauder “.

Obviously, this novelty cannot stop only in the beauty sector but can also expand to that of fashion. According to Google, in fact, consumers also want to understand what clothes will look like on them. That’s why the AR experience can also be applied to clothing and best online pokies to show shoppers what different garments look like on them.

The Mapping Advances The Body

Enabling full virtual trial experiences, through advanced body mapping, is the next step in discovering e-commerce and merging the IRL shopping experience with online tools. Snapchat has made the most significant progress on this front, with its footwear testing tools and body sensing lenses that will facilitate experiences to try on entire outfits. It seems that Google is also moving in this direction.

Video Content Advances

Video is also another of the elements that Google is giving a lot of attention to with the aim of integrating e-commerce products to this type of content. Video content is increasingly popular and it is interesting to see how Google can then incorporate it into search, Maps or Google My Business.

Kidnapped Links To Loyalty Programs

Google is also working on more practical connection tools, such as linking the benefits of brand loyalty. Here is what the giant himself reported: “If a consumer has a loyalty account with you, he will soon be able to connect it instantly.

Simplification In The Search For Discount Codes

At the same time, Google is trying to make it easier for consumers to find discount codes online, in line with the behavior that users are increasingly adopting when searching online. According to Google, in fact: “The power of branding has never been more important, but we also know that sometimes consumers are just looking for a good deal. “Discount code” searches have increased by 50% compared to last year and these searches are excellent times to better convey the concept of sales or promotions.

This approach by Google will make it possible to highlight e-commerce ads that offer a discount to a greater extent and, on the other hand, to allow users to find the most relevant products for their daily shopping.

Google is also looking to make improvements to the neighborhood store inventory display, which will soon show available products, the label for immediate in-store pickup, roadside pickup, or later pickup.

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