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How Does Two Step Verification Works ?
Google Users who have enabled 2-step verification for making their account secure from unauthorized use need to periodically enter a special verification code, in addition to their username and password, to sign in to Google Apps. When signing in from a web browser, User is prompted to enter a verification code(Received on phone) after entering your password.

One of my Friend activated Gmail two step verification and was not able to sign-in on his Android device.I think many of you might be facing the same problem on respective Android and iPhone devices.The Error Message looks like the screenshot below.

gmail account
The problem is mobile and desktop apps aren’t configured to accept a verification code. In such cases, user needs to sign in by entering another type of code which is an alternate to two step verification code and is called as Application Specific Password in place of their Google Account password.Yes , You have to enter this Application Specific Password in place of your Google Account Password.

Which applications typically require an application-specific password?

Any desktop or mobile application that doesn’t prompt your users to enter a 2-step verification code at least once after they enroll in 2-step verification.
Common applications and devices that require an application-specific password include:

  • Gmail and Google Calendar on Android-based phones
  • ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone
  • IMAP clients such as Thunderbird
  • Installed chat clients such as Google Talk and Adium
  • Syncing with Picasa, 3D Warehouse, and Sketchup
  • Google Toolbar (for certain functionality)

How To Get Application Specific Password For Google App ?

Just Follow the simple steps and you are done :

Sign in to your Gmail Account and Go to .Then click on Security  and scroll down to bottom of page till you reach Connected applications and sites And click Manage access as shown in screenshot below.

manage access

As you click on Manage Access you will be prompted to enter your password , this is done for extra security. Enter the password and sign in again and you are just two steps away from getting Application Specific Password for your Google App.

Enter the name of Application you wish to have Application Specific Password for you want.

Application Specific Password
Application Specific Password For Gmail On Android

You can write Gmail on my iPhone if you want to access Gmail App on your iPhone.(This Name is only for your convenience you can write anything you want).After entering the name just click on Generate Password.

Application Specific Password For Google App
Application Specific Password For Google App

Note : You have to enter this code in place of In your Google Apps Password field.

Now you can access your Google App on your Android or iPhone.On your Android phone you will get a message as shown in the screenshot below.

Google Account Linked
Google Account Linked to this phone (Android)

You have successfully configured your Google App for your device . Now you can your Google App on your Android or iOS device . You can use the same procedure for all device which can run Google Apps be that be Android, iPhone or iPad etc.If you still face any problem in configuring your Account do ask in comments.

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