How to change color of PC folder icons

folder icon color

When there are too many folders on the PC, finding the content of interest right away is not fast at all. Moreover, suppose we add that the Windows folders have the same yellow icon, except those for documents, music, images, and videos. In that case, the situation becomes even more complicated. One way to simplify the search and customize the operating system is to use Folder Painter, a free program that changes the color of the folders with a few clicks.

The software, easy to use and run without performing any installation, allows you to set a color for each folder, choosing the favorite ones included in the predefined sets, all acting from the context menu.

PC folder icons, how to change them

We download Folder Painter and press the Download button below. At the end of the download, we extract the ZIP archive and start the .exe file for the Windows version of our PC. In the window that opens, click on the Yes button, select the package of icons we are interested in from the menu on the left and press the Install button to add Folder Painter to the Windows context menu.

We right-click on the folder icon to color, select the Change folder icon from the menu and select the preferred color. To change the hue already set, always choose another one from the menu. To restore the default icon of a folder, right-click, select the item Change the folder icon from the context menu, and click on the Standard icon. If we wish to add additional colors and patterns to customize the folder icons, we can download the package from the web page by clicking on the Download button.

Then extract the ZIP archive obtained, click on Add new menu in the software window, select the items Icon 1, Icon 2, on the left, click on theā€¦ button, choose the icon file and click on Install. If we want to change the names of the packages or icons, we use the fields on the right, while if we encounter problems in displaying the icons, we can rebuild their cache by clicking on Rebuild the icon cache.

To delete an icon pack from the context menu, select it from the left side of Folder Painter, and press Remove the chosen menu. To remove the program from the context menu, however, click on Uninstall.

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