How to Use : Step-by-Step Guide


Want to play tricks with your loved ones and surprise them, then go ahead and introduce them with Fairy, Ask Fairy any question and fairy will respond in her way. Let your friend’s type in the question on and you know what – Fairy will definitely amaze everyone. So Go ahead and get the key to answers. You are the one who can show direction to “ask Fairy”.

How to Use AskFairy : Step-by-Step Guide

Go to You will see two text boxes named, “Request Fairy” and “Ask Fairy”.

Requesting Fairy fairy for help is the key to your success.If you know how to Request Fairy on you can trick any person in the world and surprise your friends and family members.

AskFairy : How it works

Step 1 : Request Fairy If you know the Answer (First text box):
Type your answer by pressing “.” (Only dot) followed by your answer and end it with “.” 
The text between two dots will be the secret answer you are typing in. As you type your secret answer it will appear as “Fairy I Request You Please Answer My Question” .

AskFairy : How it works

Ask Fairy 

Step 2 .  Ask Fairy  (Second Text Box):
Now type in the question whose secret answer has been typed in the first text box.
After completing “Ask Fairy”, click on “Please Answer” .

AskFairy :How it works
Ask Fairy 

Now Fairy will respond and will show you the actual answer you have typed, you know what ,you have surprised your friend and they will ask you to ask the fairy for next question.

Surprise them second time around.

Ask Fairy If You Don’t Know the Answer:
Second time around your friend might try a question, whose answer you might not know. In this case you might miss the trick. So tell your friend,Fairy will respond only if you shout the answer loud. Now you know the answer. Repeat the above two  steps. And amaze your friends.

So this is how works . You can use this site to fool your friends this April.

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