How to Add Video to Your Email Marketing Campaigns


As you probably know, the consumption of video is increasing. Your email marketing campaigns, therefore, need to be more attractive, with very well-developed headlines, concise texts, but with the most useful and focused information according to your clients.

And in fact, with the current technology, it is already possible to add video to your email marketing campaigns.

Why add video to your email marketing campaigns

Video is an element that attracts the attention of users and generates much more interaction than images and text, because although the latter can be very careful and specific, they are not as powerful as seeing something in action.

So attractive is this visual element that some estimate that adding it in your email marketing can increase the CTR (clicks rate) up to 280%, improving conversions and branding.

But how can you add video to your email marketing campaigns? Here is a way to do it.

Steps to add video to your email marketing campaigns

There are several options in the market to insert video in your emails for your email marketing campaign.

Upload a video or search one on YouTube

The tool that we tell you allows you to upload a video from your computer or use one that you have already uploaded to YouTube, through the link of this one.

To upload video from your computer, it must have a specific format (MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX, WEBM, OGG, XDIV, FLV or 3GP). It can last maximum 300 seconds and a minimum of 2 seconds. The upload limit is 120 MB (all this from the free plan).

To upload from YouTube, the video should not be longer than 300 seconds, and not be blocked to be shared. The video will be played in the email once your subscriber opens it , but in case your email service does not allow you to see it directly, an animated gif of the video will be displayed.

Create a new campaign

Once you have the video uploaded to the tool, you must create a campaign. To this you must give it a name, as well as indicate if you want it to be played automatically, in a loop or without sound.

Insert the video in your email marketing template

Before inserting the video in your template, it is necessary to add the size you want the video to have.

Once this is done, a code will be generated that you must insert in your template, in the HTML code of the template .

Save a copy of your template with the video

To avoid any problem, save the template with the video with another name, so you can keep your original template intact.

See the preview of your video email

Below you can see how your video email will look in the tool. If your template is responsive, put the width in pixels for your mobile version and upload it to the tool.

Press continues and you can see the display of your video email. The platform offers you more than twenty formats and resolutions, as well as 3 gif animations and clickable images.

Save the template and use it

This is the final step. You only have to change what you need in the preview, click on continue and save the template that was generated and that shows your video email.

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