Importance of POAS in Google Ads

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Online advertising is rapidly evolving, and digital marketing experts are discovering new indicators that can have a significant impact on our marketing efforts across all marketing channels.Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) is an alternate acronym for the original ROAS, which was supposed to be Return on Ad Spend but ended up being Revenue on Ad Spend, as stated.Although POAS is a new term, the method was already in use. For years, some organisations have been steering with a POAS goal in mind. Most organisations, however, continue to focus on a ROAS goal since it is simpler to implement.

The importance of POAS in google ads

  1. Unlike tracking margins, measuring the profit from each transaction created by your internet marketing gives you insight into what really moves the needle for your business. Because you don’t know what items were purchased, tracking margins is prone to inaccuracy, and it doesn’t provide you an accurate view of how your firm is doing per product.
  2. When you track profit instead of revenue/ROAS, you’ll no longer have to guess whether X is a decent ROAS, or whether you can raise profitable revenue by decreasing ROAS – or if you can boost profits by dropping revenue and increasing ROAS.
  3. Instead of relying on an average Return on Ad Spend measure, tracking your profits allows you to bid the exact amount you can afford, allowing you to maximise profits in real time. Profit tracking allows you to view the actual profit generated by each term or product.
  4. When your main goal is to maximise revenue at or beyond your ROAS target, you don’t give a damn about a product’s single profitability. Profit tracking allows you to focus your bidding on profitable products.

How to calculate POAS.

Every business calculates profit in a different way, and critical decisions about which costs to include or exclude are made. It’s also worth noting that most marketers strive to maximise sales rather than establish a profit target. The turnover can be readily collected from the order confirmation page by adding a specific pixel on the site. You can use the following criteria to see if POAS is right for you. Can you readily calculate how much money you make from each advertisement? If the margin is about the same for each product, you may compute the margin using Google Ads data and the conversion value at each level.


Google Shopping Ads have been around for a while, and there are a variety of ways to construct campaigns with them. The usage of POAS, a new approach of estimating profit, is one of the most recent advertising developments. This is accomplished by dividing the genuine profit by the ad cost. This indicates that 1 is profitable and above is breakeven, allowing you to bid on the profit outcome after you’ve spent money on advertising!The focus of online marketers is gradually changing from ROAS to POAS. Today, some marketers consider POAS to be a more accurate indicator of your PPC campaign’s profitability and conversion rates than ROAS.

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