Difference Between API & Server Side Test Automation

API & Server Side Test Automation

Before a new software product or global update is released to the market, its creators must ensure its quality and safety.

Before a new software product or global update is released to the market, its creators must ensure its quality and safety. This is what testing is for. Testing can be manual and automatic, end-to-end (also carried out on the client side) or load testing, i.e. server. Each type of testing has its own characteristics and goals, so server side automation testing tools are not always the same as in the case of automated testing APIs. Let’s see what is the difference between these tools.

What is API testing?

An API is the interface of a program or app. In the case of testing, the functional part of the product is checked: filling out forms, displaying pages, interaction of components and systems, etc.

API testing checks the functionality of databases, web services, JMS HTTP, and other technologies. This type of checking for errors and vulnerabilities is also called console testing.

What is Server Side Testing?

Load testing or testing on the server side is a controlled load on the server of a certain service or web application in order to understand what limits the number of tasks and requests it can process. This is useful for understanding how realistic it is to scale the service and whether the software will work stably and cope with the main functions of the system.

The choice of tools for testing a product on the server side depends entirely on the circumstances and goals of this test. There is no universal tool that would suit all tasks, as well as a single algorithm for testing.

What kind of testing can be ordered by Zappletech?

API and server-side testing are complementary procedures. They can be carried out separately, or as a complex service. As part of the automated testing of software, applications or web services, Zappletech specialists conduct an extensive initial consultation to identify the goals of the procedure.

After discussing the details, the fun begins: you need to make sure that the product is fast, safe, reliable and functional. In Zappletech you can order different types of testing:

  • Automatic integration
  • Web Service Testing
  • Automated API testing
  • Server side performance testing
  • Model Based Testing
  • Backend testing

Zappletech not only helps to identify product flaws or vulnerabilities, but also gives an understanding of how to fix errors and make a ready-made software solution productive, reliable and safe for every user.

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