PC password, how to increase security and reduce data theft


The LeakedSource site lets you know if your account has been compromised and the password considered valid for that account.

Nobody can consider themselves safe from password theft and it is for this reason that it is important to take some simple precautions to avoid that this can create big problems for us.

5 tips to avoid taking risks with passwords

1.  Create several email addresses

Do not to use single email id for communicate to everyone and to be used only to subscribe to important sites, such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal. Use different email ids for subscribe to sites of various kinds including blogs, online forums. A personal id should be used to communicate to friends and colleagues to keep in touch. In this way, any loss of credentials of the most public accounts will not really affect the security of what really matters.

2. Set up a phone number to recover the password

A pirate who manages to discover the password of one of our important accounts first of all modifies it, in order to prevent us from accessing. Usually, however, he cannot change the telephone number associated with the account and thanks to it we will be able to recover the account itself.

3. Encrypt your important files

If we are used to using services such as Google Drive to upload confidential files online, we should encrypt them before sending them on the Internet. In this way, a potential attacker would not be able to read them anyway.

4. Never store passwords in the clear

Someone has the habit of sending messages by e-mail containing the passwords to access the sites to which they register. This is a very bad idea! If someone manages to log into the e-mail account, he will have automatic access to the other sites as well.

5. Don’t upload anything and everything to the web

In general, remember that what you upload to the web is no longer private. Some images may go into the public domain against your will and your private status on Facebook may be read by other people. In other words, if something is private, don’t upload it to the web, regardless of the website’s or online storage manager’s privacy promises.

The LeakedSource site allows you not only to know if your account has been compromised , but also what is the password that is considered valid for that account. In reality this option is only useful if you want to check if the password has really been identified or if it is a false positive. Apparently this possibility could allow pirates to discover users’ passwords.

To avoid this type of danger, LeakedSource allows you to view passwords and other useful information only after paying for a subscription. This payment is made through traceable credit cards, therefore no pirate would use it, because he would be immediately identified and reported. The service is therefore convenient only for those who do not intend to commit illegal actions with the data collected.

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