Five Business Functions Your Tech Start-up Can Outsource


Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, start-ups in the tech sphere have to perform exceptionally well to stay ahead of the game. As an entrepreneur or business owner, managing your time appropriately is vital, but sometimes it might feel as though you’re taking on too much of the daily running of your company, rather than spending time on what really matters: growing your business.

Luckily, outsourcing offers a solution that can revolutionize the daily running of your team. Put simply, outsourcing is the assignment of work to external contractors or companies. Here are five of the most popular business functions that your tech start-up can outsource.


As a tech entrepreneur, life can get pretty hectic. From meeting with stakeholders to managing people, you’ll no doubt have a lot of responsibility, which means having to complete mundane admin tasks might not be the best use of your time. By outsourcing this work to an assistant, whether human or virtual, you can reprioritize your workload based on where your hours will be best served to drive your business forward.


One of the most frequently outsourced business functions is accounting. Due to the complex nature of financial management, finding an expert with experience in the field is a great way to make sure that your precious time is spent doing the work you’re best at. Accounting and bookkeeping professionals will be able to manage your taxes, compliance standards, and financial procedures, removing the risk of costly mistakes caused by human error.

Social Media Management

Being a tech start-up, your company is likely not short on employees who can navigate social media sites, but can you effectively use these platforms to market your services? Social media is much more than tweeting and picture sharing, which is why a huge number of tech start-ups outsource the management of their content. By making the most of complete social media management services, you can concentrate on the development side of your business without worrying about growing consumer awareness.

Customer Service

Like social media management, customer service is best completed by someone with extensive experience and valuable soft skills. While technology is increasingly providing new ways for businesses to communicate with their audience, there’s little that can replace the work of a human professional. Fortunately, even if you don’t have the resources or funding for a dedicated customer services team, you can outsource this work to specialists who can manage this for you. No more disgruntled clients!

Human Resources

It’s likely that you’ve taken sole responsibility for the management of your team as your business has grown, and perhaps delegated some tasks to more experienced employees on occasion but outsourcing your Human Resources responsibilities is a fantastic way to reduce your workload without sacrificing the quality of your business output. HR professionals can manage a range of tasks like payroll, employee benefits, compliance training, and disputes, so you’ll have a lot more flexibility to work on the technical side of your business if you outsource your HR.

Running a start-up is challenging and time-consuming, so knowing how to outsource is a great way to boost your productivity and give you the time needed to develop your product or service from a technical standpoint. From simple administrative tasks to complete social media management, outsourcing lets you get back to doing what you do best.

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