How To Activate God Mode In Windows : Work Like A Pro


God Mode, Yes you read it right.Windows have a God Mode which is not displayed by default.God Mode is an ultimate feature of Windows that allows you to easily find and do things, that exists on windows and you might not know.

The name God Mode suits it well as it has complete list of settings at one place. By activating GodMode you can access all control panel options in one folder.

How to Enable god mode in Windows 7 –

Steps to Activate God Mode and control your system like a pro:
Create a new folder on the desktop – Name the folder as GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} –
You will now see a new folder similar to the folder shown in screenshot.

window God mode

Open it to see all the settings listed. Basically God Mode is divided into following categories.

1. Action Center In God Mode | Windows :
action center

2. Administrative Tools in God Mode | Windows :
Administrative Tools

3.AutoPlay in God Mode | Windows :
auto play

4. Backup And Restore in God Mode | Windows :

backup and restore

5. Color Management In God Mode | Windows

color management

6. Credential Manager In God Mode Windows :

Credential Manager

7. Date And Time In Windows God Mode :

date and time

8. Default Programs In God Mode :
default program

9. Desktop Gadgets In God Mode :
desktop gadgets

10. Device Manager In Windows God Mode :
device manager

11.Devices And Printers In windows God Mode :
device and printer

With the help of God mode you only get to discover settings you never knew existed.Its easy way to explore all the tweaks you can perform with your Windows. Also, the folder doesn’t have to be named GodMode for it to work, you can name it whatever you like.Sotry this whole new way of exploring your system settings.I assume you might not know anything about God mode but i assume you will soon be using Windows God Mode as it will be very hanndy having all the settings at one place.

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