How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely : Sign Out From All The Gmail Sessions Remotely


Many of us has the habit to close the browser without signing out from your email or social networking account or any other account Or you have checked Gmail in some cyber cafe and forgot to signout. Yes, this can happen to you if you are not alert enough sometime you may be in hurry that you forgot to sign out. But you will not even imagine that you email is now exposed and any random person can make use of your Gmail and you can be in trouble if he misuses. More over Gmail account is linked to many other Google and non Google services. Just think how much loss can you be in.

How to make Gmail Secure (1)
How to make your Gmail Safe

Steps to logout all Active session Gmail Account in single click

1. Sign in to Gmail Account with your Login credentials.
2.Scroll down to the bottom of page to see “Last account activity”. Now click on “See Details”
On this screen you can see all your previous activities as shown in the screenshot below. You can easily see the browser, place,Ip used on your last account activity.

logout from gmail remotely1
How to sign out Gmail Remotely

if your account does not have any last activity , On clicking on see details you will see a screen like the one below.

Secure Your Gmail account

Note : Please don’t waste a single second to change your password, if you have any doubt that someone is using your Gmail Account.

This was just a small way to protect your Gmail account from unauthorized access and stay unworried. Please spare a moment to share this post and let your friends to know how to be safe and protected while using gmail.

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