The best marketing strategies in private security

best marketing strategies in private security

The increase in the demand for security services makes it necessary to use marketing strategies in private security that are efficient to achieve the objectives of the company, that is, to reach potential clients.

Currently, private security companies that provide patrol and protection services to businesses and communities continue to see an increase in demand for such services. Of course, that is also reflected in increased competition within this industry.

marketing strategies in private security

Therefore, attracting new customers can be a challenge, since it is not enough for a small group of people to know you. The public needs to identify your private security company to create a greater impact.


An important tip to start with is to identify the specific communities and areas that need a security service on a regular basis and that at the same time can pay your fees.

Downtown cities and their metropolitan areas generally have a considerable number of private and commercial businesses, as well as residential ones, that require private security.

Having private security marketing strategies that are focused on your goals will give your company significant benefits. Here we introduce you to some of them that will surely help you obtain quality prospects.

1. Get testimonials and references from your business

Credibility in this sector is fundamental and of great importance. Remember that whoever decides to hire your services will be putting in your hands the security of their company, residence, commercial business, educational establishment, etc. This involves the lives of those who are there, as well as the material goods that it has.

Therefore, the testimonials and references of clients who have already hired your services add up many positive points. So it is advisable to place testimonials on your website and advertisements to create greater confidence in your future clients.

2. Find your niche market

Your private security company will likely offer different types of service, however, you may have one that is more in demand and worth targeting.

That is why a good private security marketing strategy is to focus on a single niche in your advertising, that is, not to mention all your complete services; since it can cause confusion to the user.

3. Improve and optimize your Website

Nowadays, before buying a product or hiring a service, we usually go to the search engine to find relevant information that makes us make a decision.

In this way, your company’s website is essential, because most of your users will come to it to learn more about you. Therefore, another private security marketing strategy is of course to have an up-to-date website that is easy to navigate on all devices.

Within your website remember to add keywords such as “private security”, “security guards”. But above all, include words that focus on your location, for example “security guards in Monterrey”, “private security companies in Coahuila”. This way, your local customers are more likely to find you in the first results of their search. A site with a good SEO positioning will be much easier for users to find.

There are many tools that will help you know the health of your site.

4. Content strategy in your Blog

Blogging is also an efficient way to show you as a security expert. Increase recognition of your experience and professionalism as a private security company.

The content must be of value, for example, you can offer security tips, news, and information about your company such as awards and achievements that you have obtained. This way you will make known a little more about the constant updating of your staff and your company in general.

Keep in mind that many people probably do not know exactly all the services that private security companies offer. So maybe your task is to educate your audience so they can understand why your services are important. For that you will have to create content that includes informative notes, institutional videos, among others.

The trick in this is that the content is of value, which of course means that it must solve the problems and needs of your audience.

5. Strengthen your presence in social networks

The use of social networks will give you good results. Therefore, it is important to keep your social networks constantly updated. Also remember to add smart links that connect your sites, that is, that your website leads to your Facebook accounts, LinkedIn and vice versa.

presence in social networks

Remember that what others say about you will have a direct impact on the success of your business. So pay close attention to what they say about you.

Online comments are important to any private security marketing strategy. This is because many who will hire your service will surely review your website and if they do not find satisfied customers it is likely that this will reduce your chances of closing a deal.

6. Emailing campaigns

Emailing is a very important private security marketing strategy, especially because it personalizes your service and gives you the opportunity to go after prospects who are interested in your market.

For example, suppose that with the help of a lead generation service you obtain a contact list of companies within your area with security contracts that will expire in the following months. Having the name and email you can implement an emailing campaign to reach those prospects.

In this way you can communicate your services and make known what differentiates you from the competition, focusing on the niche of services you offer.

So, these are some of the private security marketing strategies that you can follow to reach your goals.

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