Sundar Pichai Google CEO 10 facts you never know

Sundar Pichai

1. Starting from his childhood the real name of Sundar Pichai is sundarajan Pichai.

2. Pichai’s  father was an electric engineer and mother was a stenographer , they were not financially strong but then also Pichai and his brother were never given a chance to compromise with their studies.

3. Pichai was the captain of his school cricket team, apart from sports he was having a keen interest in technology from his childhood, with extra talent of remembering telephone numbers, he remembers every number he dials.

4. Pichai’s education is not related to his present job as he studied metallurigcal and materials engineering apart from this he pursued an electronics course even it was not a part of the curriculum. After that Pichai went to stanford in USA on scholarship and just to let him fly to USA his father have to spent his annual salary.

5. Sundar was having luck in his love life as he got married to one of his batchmate whome he was dating in india ; in present he is father of two .

6. Prior to joining google, pichai worked in engineering and product management at applied materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & company.

7. At initial stage in google, Pichai came up with a new idea for a new browser which was not very well recieved as at that time Microsoft Internet Explorer was leading the market,which was later slipped from throne  when chrome was introduced .

8. Pichai joined google in 2004 where he was known as a low key manager who worked on the google toolbar and then led the launch of the market beating chrome browser in 2008 and later he served as the company’s senior vice president of products,largely responsible for the creation of google drive,gmail app .

9. With his managing abilities, adorable ,down to earth,friendly nature, he is good at maintaining relationships and managing employees in day to day work.

10.Sundar Pichai has already joined the elite list of indians who are leading the world companies like satya Nadella(Microsoft) Ajay Banga(Mastercard) Shantanu Narayen(Adobe) Francisco D’Souza (Cognizant) and many more…

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