Google Maps for Android updates and includes a new feature that has been on iOS for four years

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Apple iPhone users have been able to see real-time weather conditions on Google Maps for almost four years, and now it’s coming to the Android version of the app.

This feature appeared in Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 versions.

Google Maps, one of the most used navigation applications in the world, has released a long-awaited update in its version for Android. Although iOS users have enjoyed the weather feature in Google Maps for years, now this feature is finally coming to the Android version.

This weather function in Google Maps is a very useful addition. While you are in certain places, the application becomes your best friend for navigation and keeping you informed about weather conditions in real time.

However, as mentioned in the title and despite its importance, the iOS version of Google Maps has had this feature for approximately four years, while Android users have been left too far behind in this aspect.

The reason for such a long wait is reportedly because Google changed the UI of the weather feature in the Android version of the app. additionally, the company is said to have developed a standalone weather app for Android.

The weather function finally arrives in the Android version of Google Maps

The change has become evident with the Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2 version , where a configuration option has been found that reveals Google’s plans to add weather information to Google Maps in December.

The weather feature appears as a small icon showing the current temperature below the search options. Tapping this icon will open a window showing the temperature in the area, weather conditions, maximum and minimum temperatures for the day, hourly forecast, and air quality.

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