Windows Application In 10 Minute


Windows store is famous for its own applications  and company  always gives some innovation to its App developers so that the users must get attracted towards the app store . Microsoft has invented two tools which helps in running IOS and ANDROID Applications.


The Microsoft had updated their App Studio which they have given the chance to the users that without installing or giving any coding or visual studio they can make new applications with the help of this tools any application can get ready in just 10 minutes .They can’t make together visually stunning and no code tools but they will attract their new users towards them and it can definitely churn out a functional application in short order. Though the new projects have a choice of few basic templates,most of them having a good amount  to simply display a webpage within an app to experience various sections such as API curations from services like you tube,bing,Facebook,twitter.

The most important feature is that with your application you can make a new icon with the help of theme and icon editors .Windows 10 has given an option of side downloading too . Apart from this hero image editor is also available this app will support the initial windows 10 too. But this Windows App studio wont help you to create an proper application or game that you can built a business around ,but yeah it will definitely help you in making the websites , business ,branding etc

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